Yevgeniya Kaganovich

1.Kaganovich 2000

Mouth Piece 1


copper, sterling silver, vitreous enamel

2 x 2 x 9.5"

photo credit: Jim Charles

Mouth Piece 1 was made to explore the difficulty of communication. The object looks like it would amplify speech, but to use it, one has to hold it with their teeth, denying the very possibility of verbal communication. Mouth Piece 24 develops a similar idea beyond illustration. The object suggests an engagement between two people, revealing the difficulty of it through its actual use. Because of the absence of the straps, two people stand in close proximity, wedging the object between their faces. Intimately connected, yet separated by the porcelain device between, they share a finite amount of air within the object and their lungs. Beyond merely illustrating the difficulty of communication, this object through its actual use performs the difficulty with such proximity.

Double Mouth Piece 24



3.75 x 3.75 x 6”

photo credit: Jim Charles

Kaganovich 2010
1.Kaganovich 2000a
Kaganovich 2010a