Tersa Faris

saving Time 3

Saving Time


copper, glass, stainless steel, feathers

2 x 2 x /5"

photo courtesy of the artist

Over a decade ago I made work that was void of decoration and contained the seemingly interesting information within. I have an insatiable need to fill empty spaces and find a connection between all living things. Saving and containing memories and past events interested me and now seems a bit naïve. To obsessively collect snippets of time was to assume that I would live to reflect and those around me would die. I used non-human symbolism to suggest metaphors, as if I owned it, with not more than a second of thought given to it.

Recently it became obvious to me that the work I was making was no longer containing the relevant information within a bare structure. These objects reveal all of my discomfort and all of the chaos along with the layers of questions that I have. As hard as I try to avoid non-human imagery, my subconscious prevails and when looking at this work we may easily see images relating to birds.

When removed from what is intended/natural and stripped of privilege one must find ways of soothing the mind. A caged non-human may pace or repeatedly chew wood, and a dis-eased human may pace or saw metal. Rhythmic and repetitive movements encourage introspective or creative thinking. As a maker I have adopted this practice and find that it eases the mind when the body is testing and acting as a reminder of impermanence. I am drawn to the simplest technique of sawing/piercing as I find that I am able to forget about the process in the same way that some individuals may forget about the breath.

Through the process of introspective and transgressive thought I am learning that I communicate most clearly through the objects that I fabricate. My work:  went from being about saving time (thinking I knew the answers) to passing time (embracing the unknown and being in the moment).



sterling silver, wood altered by a bird, stainless steel

3.5 x 4 x .5"

photo courtesy of the artist

Collab- Lien- 5-5-2019