Stephanie Voegele

Opulent Brooch _1_SV

Opulent Brooch #1


copper, vitreous enamel, steel

3.35 x 2.55 x .6"

photo courtesy of the artist

Our personal histories are saturated with color, scents, patterns, and textures.  I have always pulled inspiration from my own history. The objects that have surrounded me, specifically from my grandmother’s house, have played a significant role in my art making since I began creating jewelry in 2004. Both brooches I have chosen to display share one distinct similarity; being created at the start of a major life transition. When you move to a new city or even country, you take the most precious things with you from your past and when you unpack them it's like you rediscover their inspiration. For me, those items are my grandmother’s vintage floral fabrics, costume jewelry, and a small pile of her interior decorating magazines from the 1970s. Both of these brooches show the influence of these treasures and the threads that tie all the work we create together.

1974, Brooch


copper, brass, powder coat, steel, patina

3.95 x 3.15 x .4"

photo courtesy of the artist