Natalie Macellaio

Tohum Series Necklace

Tohum Series (necklace)


Silver, copper, brass, monofilament

12” x 4”x 2”

photo courtesy of the artist

Materials are used for their inherent strength as well as their social and cultural significance within each necklace. Looking back on the work made fourteen years ago and the current work, the constant is the importance of the materials. Silver is used to recreate rebar, symbolizing the significance of this building material that is never meant to be seen. While in contrast the monofilament on the pods represent the fine fibers found on the seeds that will eventually float in the wind to become a new plant. The confluence of plastic, guitar string, and concrete with the silver and copper has further enhanced the significance of the materials.

Building Blocks


Silver, copper, concrete

12 x 5 x .5”

Building Block AS