Motoko Furuhashi


Country Side


steel, artificial plants, brass, silver, stainless steel

4.33 x 3.94 x 2.76"

photo courtesy of the artist

My research has been influenced by the locations where I have lived or visited. Since my childhood, grow up in Tokyo, I use my imagination by looking at map to travel around the world.

My recent works still have been inspired by my experiences traveling, and the roads that take me from one place to another.

I use materials from streets that show physical evidence of the passage of time. This is characterized by my selection of “insignificant” objects as the focal point. Raw materials collected from locations I have visited become precious pieces of evidence that recall the nostalgia or history of a specific place. These objects carry the substaintional value. Relevant to the site from which it has been excavated, each found object is a unique representation of the interrelationships between time, location, perception, and importance.  Materials that at first glance appear insignificant, are actually relics of an entire narrative that would normally be forgotten. Each imperfection represents a thread of its own reality, unique to itself and carries the history of a distant memory. Highlighting narratives behind these imperfections are what I strive for. My work is a shift in the meaning of perfection transforming our perception of reality to new perspectives.



road segment, silver, brass, steel

9.84 x 5.91 x 2.76"

photo courtesy of the artist