Lauren McAdams Selden


He Said, She Said


copper, sterling silver, CZ

4.5 x 5 x 29”

photo courtesy of the artist

During my formative years, I manufactured paper objects as replicas of items that I used every day. Following my university education, I employed metalworking techniques and fabrication as a means to discuss relationships, communication, love and nostalgia. In the work, “He Said, She Said”, an oversized ring acts as a knot in the line—or possibly a translator—between two parties. For years, I have used recognizable narrative imagery to discuss social circumstances, politics, and environmental concerns. Daily activities and personal interactions with those closest to me ground and affect my work, either through design or during intuitive execution of the sculptures. The work is driven by content, and the material and technique generally follows concept. In “I Never Saw the Attic”, I created a miniature replica of my family home that was a significant part of my life for 36 years. I wanted it to be impossible to control the finish and wanted the house to end up looking like it was hundreds of years old and went through some kind of apocalypse. During the lost wax casting process, I forgot to leave a vent in the roof and it caved in during the investing process. It emulates the feeling I had when I was unable to help pack my home and the ancillary fact that I never actually saw the attic, leaving a part of my childhood home—like many leave a part of their lives—unexplored.

I Never Saw the Attic


bronze, steel

18 x 9 x 9”

photo courtesy of the artist