Jill Baker Gower

Aphrodisiac Rose Pomander

Aphrodisiac Rose Pomander


pewter, sterling silver, feather boa, vial of rose oil

17 X 2.25 X 2.25"

photo courtesy of the artist

Since 2004 I have created jewelry and sculpture informed by my female experience and how advertisements, popular culture, beauty products, and fashion trends portray what women need or want. The surfaces of the work are often lace patterned and at times include actual crocheted elements. Materials such as skin toned rubber and mirrors reference the human body, self-examination, and vanity. Other materials like pearls, gems, feathers, enamel, hair, silver, and gold are chosen for their aesthetic qualities, emotional resonance, preciousness, and value associations.

I aim for my work to be both beautiful and playful and at times even absurd or humorous; it addresses my own repulsion, frustration, and at the same time attraction to gender based expectations.

Aphrodisiac Rose Pomander from 2006 and Golden Reflection Necklace #1 from 2017 are both hand fabricated neckpieces that reflect the inspirations and ideas stated above. Despite their eleven year span, the concepts and aesthetic of my work have followed a similar vein.

Golden Reflection Necklace #1


Argentium sterling silver, mirrored acrylic, 23K red gold leaf, pearls

8.25 x 6.5 x 1.25”

photo courtesy of the artist