Jennifer "Jeff" Ingalls


Ring Series #1 (3 rings)


sterling silver

largest ring 3 x 1 x .25”

photo courtesy of Ana Lopez

20 years between these pieces, almost to the day.

My first group of textured rings was more a study of geometric shapes. Beginning on a piece of paper, with rulers, dividers, and plastic templates. Every angle measured. Built because I could. Silver sheets patterned to give the shapes visual interest. They were met with exclamations of unwearability, “You'll poke your eye out!”

They made it to the cover of Lapidary Journal without a single stone set.

Moving back into silver work from a successful production line has been freeing. I am more confident in my designs, more relaxed in their fabrication. More forgiving of the quirks and  organics of my process.

The Leaf Bracelet utilizes textures created with nearly identical materials and processes, but with a much more relaxed hand. Not measuring the exact diameters of the link, no fussing over the patterns orientation. Focusing on wearability and threading a texture through a variety of functional forms.

The fabrication has become easier, with a more practiced hand, a keener eye. Their design has become harder, with an urgency to do more, be less derivative, push more challenging forms, and to move forward, past imaginary limits.

I look forward to following my jewelry's path around once more.

Fallen Leaves Bracelet


sterling silver

8 x 1 x .25”

photo courtesy of Ana Lopez