Cappy Counard

counard_contained side



sterling silver and clay bead circa 1950

2.36 x 2.36 x 2.36"

photo courtesy of the artist

For many years I made complex boxes with intricate mechanisms and layers of detailed metalwork. Like Contained, they held clay beads, pearls or seeds at their core, objects symbolizing the essential, pure and intuitive. These boxes contemplated relationships through their functions of holding, protecting and discovering.

Over time the complicated vessels became more straightforward, open and unprotected to reflect my changing perspective and concerns. The brooch Restore is a simple shallow bowl that was cut apart and reassembled with gold solder, creating a line reminiscent of stitching. The piece considers how we are each a sum of parts; every experience or memory leaves its lasting mark and builds to make us distinct.

As I move forward into possibility I am often hesitant. Incremental change can sometimes feel monumental, and so I focus on making work that is as true as possible. I give myself permission to let go of characteristics that defined my earlier work, but no longer feel true. Instead, I assemble the influences that have changed with me into a new vocabulary of making as I follow my curiosity. In this way my work transforms as I do.



copper, gold solder and red brass

3.15 x 3.15 x .79"

photo courtesy of the artist

counard_contained open
counard_contained hand
counard_restore front and back
counard_restore model