Becky McDonah

McDonah - Chasing a Grasshopper

Chasing a Grasshopper



2 x 3 x .75”

photo courtesy of the artist

At least twenty years have passed between the two pieces I have chosen to display.  The connection between them is the use of chasing and repoussé.  In my work I tend to bounce around from one technique to another in order to bring ideas to fruition, but I always enjoy time spent with the pitch pot.  Chasing a Grasshopper was my first introduction to the process and this technique has forever found a place in my heart as is manifested in Aortic Ammo: A Reliquary for Remedies.

Aortic Ammo: A Reliquary for Remedies


brass, copper, fabric, pill bottles

20 x 8 x 3”

photo courtesy of the artist

McDonah - Aortic Ammo - A Reliquary for Remedies