Anya Kivarkis


Untitled #1


sterling silver, paint

2.75 x 1.75 x 1"

photo credit: Mike Bray

The work Untitled #1 (2005) juxtaposed a highly ornamental, historic form with a surface that was explicitly modern and blank. At the time, my interest lied in how these polemic aesthetics conflated, and then canceled or repressed, their own difference. The work Object Sequence #1 (2018) was replicated from a theater scene in the film, Last Year at Marienbad. With barely any dialogue, the film is composed of many long takes and extremely slow panning of the camera across objects, characters and spaces. The film deconstructs the cinematic image and simultaneously fetishizes the object by enabling our prolonged gaze. I am interested in the tension between this film’s deadness and its extreme sense of longing and glamour. All of the characters in the scene are wearing lush jewelry while silently watching a theater performance and slowly breathing. I reconstructed the jewelry from the scene, and Object Sequence #1 has the crop line of the frame of film built into the object, itself. I then filmed the objects on an almost invisible body breathing, where the crop line of the object would move in and out of the frame. I isolated each body with slowly moving jewelry to sequential screens that reconstruct the space of the performance. I am interested in how these recreated jewelry replicas can become both hyper-real and dead objects when placed back into film, with homogeneous and featureless surfaces that are incapable of achieving the depth that real things possess.

Object Sequence #1


sterling silver

10 x 8 x 1.5"

photo credit: Mike Bray

Anya Kivarkis Object Sequence #1-1